Why You Should Have Chocolate in Your Detoxifying Mask!

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When life has us down, reaching for a bar of chocolate can go a long way toward improving our mood. Chocolate is the sweet treat that tastes great while also delivering key benefits to our skin. No, we don’t think eating chocolate bars can replace your nightly skincare routine, but incorporating the sweet stuff into your next detoxifying face mask can get the job done all the same!

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and these beans are brimming with beneficial elements including flavonols, catechins, antioxidants, and polyphenols. When companies like ABI Dermaceuticals utilize chocolate in its line of rejuvenating face masks, what can customers expect?

Key Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Detoxifying Masks

Brimming with antioxidants and stimulating ingredients, chocolate detoxifying masks have risen in popularity dramatically over recent years. Great for skin of all types, chocolate face masks provide a path to glowing skin and dermatological rejuvenation. Not just destined for your favorite sweet treat, here are a few instrumental ways that chocolate can boost your skin as part of your next detoxifying face mask.

  1. Total Skin Hydration – Chocolate is brimming not only with a bevy of antioxidants but also vitamin c! These elements work in concert to provide a moist and hydrated finish that leaves our skin feeling fresh when we need it most. Frequent chocolate mask enthusiasts suggest utilizing a chocolate mask at least twice per month for the best results. This process will vary based upon your skin and environmental conditions.
  2. Enhanced Protection From the Elements – Our skin takes a beating every time we step outside our front door. From sun exposure to wind, rain, and cold, the elements are always doing their best to leave an impression on our skin. Chocolate face masks provide tryptophan, a special compound that actually protects our skin from UV rays, bad weather, and even pollution! The regular use of detoxifying chocolate face masks can prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. Not bad for a yummy mask, right?
  3. Boost and Brighten Your Skin – Struggling with hyper pigmentation? Tired of dealing with sunspots and age-related dark spots? Chocolate face masks provide enough antioxidants to help stimulate the cells in our skin, lowering pigment production while lightening our complexion all at once. While this is happening, chocolate face masks will work to detoxify our skin while scrubbing away dead skin cells.
  4. Nourish Skin With Key Nutrients – Depending on the type of chocolate mask utilized, key nutrients can be sent straight to where they are needed most. Chocolate face masks provide minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are ideal for fighting dry and rough patches of skin as well as black spots.

Chocolate face masks come in a variety of formulations. Companies like ABI Dermaceuticals will focus on rating skincare products that are ideal for normal to oily skin, including their Chocolate Covered Strawberry Valentine’s Facial. This chocolate facial mask is ideal for stimulating cell turnover, ridding our skin of impurities and excess oil, and even stimulating collagen production while brightening our skin.

Explore Skin Health Solutions With ABI Dermaceuticals

ABI Dermaceuticals was founded on the idea that every consumer deserves a better brand of skincare. With a focus on curating clinical strength pre/post care kits, ABI Dermaceuticals endeavors to assist estheticians and physicians alike by significantly boosting the quality of results achievable through LED, laser, and IPL treatment sessions.

In addition to its focus on pre and post skincare kits, ABI Dermaceuticals is proud to introduce its Dark Chocolate Detoxifying Mask, specially designed to target cell turnover, skin texture, skin brightening, as well as collagen stimulation.

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