TLI Booster Multipack

This 8 treatment Booster Topical Light Infusion Multipack allow you to try a variety of Topical Light Infusion Boosters without having to purchase a complete pack of each version. This multi variety pack contains the following 8 topical light infusion boosters:

2-Hydration Gel Mask Booster  TLi Hydration Gel Mask Data Sheet    TLi Hydration Gel Mask Protocol

2-Collagen Renewal Booster  TLi Collagen Data Sheet     TLI Collagen Renewal Boosting Mask Protocol

1-Hydra-Fortifying Ceramide Booster TLi Hydra Fortifying Data Sheet     TLi Hydra Fortifying Protocol

1-EGF Firming Complex Booster  TLI EGF Firming Complex Data Sheet    TLI EGF Firming Complex Boosting Protocol

1-Pro Power C Booster  Pro Power C Data Sheets    TLi Pro Power C Protocol

1-Resveratrol Illuminating Booster TLi Resveratrol Data Sheets    TLI Resveratrol Illuminating Complex Protocol

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